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Free intake

You want to be introduced to Del Ferro? Come to our free intake and have a conversation with us so you can try out the technique and speak fluent in an instant!

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5-day course (Level1)

Effective for professionals and students. In the 5-day intensive course you will speak fluent and self-assured from the first day on! The speed we work with in this complete turn around course is fast and that’s why we work in small groups.

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10-day course (Level1)

For kids and youngsters. For kids and youngsters. Do you let your study selection depend on your stutterproblem? Does it frighten you to speak in front of the classroom? Do you often feel insecure if you want to say something? Are you often using synonyms if you can’t pronounce something? Is it your wish to speak fluent? In that case the 10-day course is appropriate for you.

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Children course

Stutter therapy for children. You exercise with children of your own age using the technique,so that speaking in front of a classroom, to make a speech at school and to read out loud is going to be an easy job.

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Ingrid Del ferro


Patrick Wijdenes •Teacher


Drs. Eva Wolf

Psychosocial therapist

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Stuttering, how to get over it.

A BBC documentary about the Del Ferro Institute