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Bianca Bartels

Bianca Bartels • holistic masseur

Holistic masseur

Stuttering or hyperventilating has an effect on your body. Many of our participants suffer from a stiff back, neck and/or shoulders. Moreover, they have lost confidence in their own body.

Thanks to her holistic approach, Bianca can help you to regain that trust. Her massage technique improves your bodily awareness, which has a positive effect on how you experience your body. The energy resumes its natural flow which helps you to work on the breathing techniques that you’ve learned at Del Ferro.

Bianca successfully completed the training for holistic masseur and the advanced holistic course at the Positive Touch school in Arnhem. On top of that, she regularly follows supplementary trainings. Bianca has her own massage practice in Amsterdam, situated close to Del Ferro ( Apart from being a masseur, she is also a journalist. She publishes mainly in Happinez magazine, but also writes for Margriet magazine on health-related subjects.



My story

‘A few years ago, when I was experiencing hyperventilation myself, Ingrid has helped me to get rid of this very quickly by teaching me her effective breathing technique. Ever since, I am more at ease with myself and can draw more strength from my breathing and therefore from my entire body. I often ask my clients to apply this technique because it helps them to feel aware of their body.’

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