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10-day course
Level 1

10-day course

Is the choice of a future study depending on your stutterproblem? Do you mind speaking in front of the classroom? Do you often feel insecure when you want to say something? Are you often using synonyms because you can’t say the actual words or are you sometimes bullied? Do you always want to be able to speak fluent? Then the 10-day course is really something for you.

During the course you speak fluent from the first day on so that your fear to speak disappears and your self-confindence grows. In a group of people of your own age you learn to practice the Del Ferro technique from our experienced tutors so you can speak fluent in every situation.

There will be exercises like speaking in front of a group or in the classroom, making a speech, reading out loud, making telephone calls etc. You also get more self-confidence, you will develop good focus and you dare to say everything you want again.

At the end of the day you practice the technique with the other members of the group. Because of this you experience that you are able to speak self-assured, without fear and fluent in every situation. The evening program is an obligatory part of the course.

What can you expect?

  • Fluent speech from the first day of the course
  • Clear and self-assured speech
  • Better focus and concentration
  • To develop a positive self-image
  • Reading out loud
  • To use the telephone fluently
  • To overcome the fear to speak

Practical information:

  • Ten continuous days, from Monday till Wednesday (including the weekend)
  • Schools always give time off for the course but you can also follow the course during the holidays.

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