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5-day course
Level 1

5-day course

How would it be to tell a story freely and with passion or to give an inspiring presentation? To what extent has stuttering influenced the choices you made?

You speak fluent and with self-confidence from the first day on! The speed we work with is fast, so the groups we work with are small.

  • Liberate speech: a complete turn around in five days.
  • Effective for professionals, scholars and students.
  • Tools, effect, result.

Although the technique of the method is the most important part of the training a lot of attention is being paid how to build up self-confidence as well as conquering the fear to speak.

This training doesn’t only give you tools to overcome stuttering and to develop fluent speech but it gives an arsenal of insights to practice it right away in public.

The evening program is an obligatory part of the course. Due to this you experience that you are able to speak self-assured, free of fear and fluent in every situation.

What can you expect?

  • Fluent speech from the first day of the course
  • To present in a self-assured way
  • To overcome the fear to speak

Practical information:

  • 5 continuous days from Monday till Friday
  • The course can also be followed in Dutch or German
  • The course can also been given at a special location

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