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Breath & Speak
Level 1

Breath & Speak

Workshop Breath and Speak led by Ingrid Del Ferro.

We often breathe inefficient when we speak. It can feel as if you haven’t enough oxygen, you are short of breath, your voice has a lack of capacity so that a speech, a presentation, a pitch or a conversation often costs a lot of energy.

The public often notice how a speaker feels. Due to this your essential message has less impact and the audience gets distracted rather than inspired.

Be at ease, you are not the only one. Even the best of speakers feel tension before they go on stage. Still they host very relaxed. How do they manage that? During the workshop Breath and Speak I offer you these tools. You get self-confidence so that you too know, in advance, how to turn tension into relaxation on stage or at work.

At the Breath and Speak workshop I combine the breathing technique with presenting. There’s intense training in a group so you can get feedback and you can practice your new gained techniques immediately in public.

After this workshop you have enough tools to speak full of self-confidence, relaxed and with persuasion.

What can you expect:

  • You learn how to deal with tension.
  • You are concience of posture and voice.
  • Your message will be convincing.
  • You can pitch and plea.
  • You captivate your audience.

Practical information:

  • Two days from 10.00- 16.00 hours.
  • Also possible on location.
  • The workshop can also be followed in Dutch or German.


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