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Patrick Wijdenes

Patrick Wijdenes • Teacher

Patrick Wijdenes is since 1994 connected to The Del Ferro Institute as a trainer. He was introduced to The Del Ferro Method as a 13 year old boy and conquered his stutterproblem permanently.

His passionate, inspiring, and positive way of teaching makes him a loved teacher. His life’s purpose is to learn as many people as possible to speak fluently. He is a role model for the members of the course for the reason that he is stutter free for over 34 years.

My story

“From the moment I was able to speak I had to live with a stutterproblem.  For 6 years I have followed several therapies  where I hoped to be released from my problem. 6 years in vain. The search to overcome stuttering ended at Del Ferro at the Apollolaan in Amsterdam. It was there that I found the solution to my stutterproblem. During my first lesson I got the explanation from mister Del Ferro about his method. I didn't stutter a word anymore the moment I practiced it! Magic? To me it was because for the first time in my life I deliberately said something in a fluent way. I got a tool to control my diaphragm and to speak in a fluent manner! It gives a lot of satisfaction to teach our members of the course this method and to experience that they, like me, can live a life without stuttering. It's a unique method. Many therapies assume stuttering has to be accepted. This runs counter to my opinion. Stuttering can actually be solved permanently!"

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